Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Colorful Cakes

Here's a toast to cakes that aren't afraid of a little color!

Although the color pallette is soft, this cake is working several strong patterns. And I love the little hanging signs!!!

This cake has a lot going on, I can only imagine what the rest of the wedding looks like!

Bold zebra print cake will really make a statement!

Love the rich tones on this cake, there's lots of subtle shadowing that makes it come alive. The attention to detail with carrying the design through to the base is what really makes this cake complete. Something to consider with your own cake.... would this have looked as good on top of a silver or gold paper wrapped base?

This is an elegant and edgy cake at the same time.

I could do without the lily in the middle, but love the draping skirt around the bottom.

Beautiful blues make this beach theme cake pop.

This super ornate cake is fabulous!

This is a beautiful shape cake with a fairytale vibe. Again love the attention given to the base with the pleated fabric.

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