Monday, April 26, 2010

Tall centerpieces!

It's always nice to do a mix of heights for your centerpieces, so here are some lovely tall ones to give you some ideas!

A more natural looking rose arrangement. Side note- do you see that amazing red rose structure around entry doors?! fabulous!!!

Gorgeous draping arrangement that is oh so chic.

The unique vase really adds to this centerpiece. Love the extra touch of adding petals on the table inside the bottom of vase.

Sometimes all you need is some grand greenery to make a big statement!

Ok so this doesn't really have flowers but i think this is an amazing contemporary centerpiece!

Pretty in pink with the touches of curly willow at the top and in the vase really finish it off.

Have any pictures of tall centerpieces that you love? send them to us!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stepping back in time

Sorry for the lack of posts recently! To make up for it I have a lot of pictures for you today. It's always fun to look at old wedding pictures and see the different styles- so I came across this great site that is full of amazing old wedding photos.

1925- trailing greenery

1926- hanging ribbons and flowers

1928- could the bouquets get any bigger?!

1945- the huge bouquets continue

1946- a break from the huge bouquets for a more classic stephanotis bouquet

1954- appears to be full of greenery

1956- continues with the very natural look

1958- finally the trend of incredibly oversized bouquets seems to have passed

1961- many held the bouquets more to one side instead of the tradional way we carry them today in the center

1965- small nosegay

1984- hanging ribbons brought back

1986- after all those years the cascade was still the popular style