Monday, January 25, 2010

Exciting News!

We are excited to announce our latest blog programs!

Double Take

How did your "real" wedding compare to your "virtual" wedding? Send us the designs you made and your real life pictures of your cake, bouquets and/or centerpieces. Then we will post them for everyone to see!
Design Dilemma
Do you need help coming up with ideas for your wedding? Or are you one of those full of ideas people? If so, here is what to do!!
If you need help:
1. Send us information about your wedding such as theme, colors, month and any other details you may want.
2. Your wedding information will be posted on a Monday soon after.
3. Look for ideas and suggestions on the blog the Wednesday after your information appears!
If you have ideas:
1. Check the blog every Monday for "Design Dilemma" posts.
2. Go to our website,, and start designing!
3. Email us your best designs so we can help these ladies out!
As always, if you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Orchids, Orchids and More Orchids!

Did you know that orchids used to be a sign of wealth and social standing? Not sure if they still hold this reputation, but orchids compliment all decor and are always beautiful, especially at weddings! Here are some of the designs you sent in, let us know what you think!

Kathryn's cake uses rich, deep colors; dress up your cake table with complimenting linens.

Christie created a centerpiece that would liven up a beach wedding!

Mcourdy's centerpiece used a variety of colors, a good way to incorporate your accent colors into your wedding.

This cake designed by Nikki equals simplicity. With the rich icing color, all you need is the three dendrobium orchids to finish off this cake!
White is traditionally the color of a bridal bouquet...Kathryn gave this bridal and bridesmaid bouquet a modern twist with that splash of color!

It has been awfully cold (in some parts!) the past few days, so we thought we would try and warm up a bit. Send us your latest and greatest warm/sunny/beachy designs! All those getting married this spring/summer will need to start brainstorming/finalizing their flowers, so give them a few last minute ideas! Send your designs by Friday January 29!

Monday, January 11, 2010

All wrapped up!

Flowers take centerstage in your centerpieces. But why not compliment those flowers with something special on the vase or container?

I absolutely love the beaded "bracelets" wrapped around these vases. You are sure to find the perfect color beads to match your wedding colors!

This vase wrapped in ribbon is so cute. Ribbon is great and can be used in many ways to look cute to very elegant. Cover the whole vase, or just a band of ribbon, wrap a bow around it, swirl the ribbon many choices!

Dainty, elegant, and vintage are just a few themes you get from vases adorned with lace.

Perhaps even more options than with ribbon is to wrap vases in paper. You can choose fun prints, sheer vellums, patterned and textured papers. So many looks and styles can be achieved by adding this inexpensive flair!

Once you start thinking about accessorizing your vases the ideas just keep flowing.... leaves, rhinestones, stickers, etching, colored wire, wrapping paper and it goes on and on! Have fun with it!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ideas from our gallery- Cakes

Last but not least- a sampling of cakes from our website gallery:

Butterfly accents make this a cute springtime cake for designer shavatta.

Love the flowers cascading down the cake like a waterfall, by designer Bride2B.

Designer lorhonks created a girly chic cake with the square shape and pink and grey colorscheme.

If you're having any glitz and glam in your wedding then don't forget to complete the look by adding rhinestones to your cake like designer cyn cyn.

Classic red, black and white cake by designer wilsonalexis1.

All of that red by designer cupcake just makes this a real jaw dropper at your reception.

Love the spiral of luscious fall flowers going down this cake by designer Amber.

Well that completes our gallery sample tour from our website I hope you found some inspiration for your wedding!

Now for a little friendly competition... Here's the challenge: Design any arrangement (bouquet, centerpiece or cake) and you have to use orchids as the main flower. Please email us directly with your design- Max of one design per category per designer. We will be accepting designs through noon/ 12pm est on tuesday Jan. 12th and will post your designs here on the blog that afternoon. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ideas from our gallery- centerpieces

As promised, here is a sampling of centerpieces from our website gallery:

This is a bright, fun centerpiece by designer Convention Floral Nubi but just because of the color don't feel like you're stuck with a white linen, really take it up a notch by placing it on a coordinating tangerine linen and white napkins!

Designer Megan Istre created a lovely rustic fall centerpiece. Add some scattered leaves to your decor to tie it all together.

This is a fabulous contemporary trio by designer miss with pops of color through clusters of all the same flowers.

Looking for color? You can't go wrong with gerbera daisies in this arrangement by designer JSB.

Designer katie8422 created an elegant centerpiece with a calming zen feel. This could be played up with sophisticated table settings or brought down to a more casual garden feel. Let me take this opportunity, as I have noticed many designers selecting gardenias for their designs throughout our galleries; to say that gardenias are incredibly delicate flowers that start turning brown very quickly. So please consult your florist to make sure they are the right fit for your designs! Perhaps a white dahlia would be a pretty substitution. (sorry white dahlias are not on the site yet but will be available on the site soon)

I love the rhinestone accents added by designer Rebecca. Customize your flowers with rhinestones, pearls, colored wire and so many more options are available.

Red and white arrangements such as this one by designer Bride2B80 look so elegant and dramatic on black linens.

Now we've seen bouquets and centerpieces, so up next on tomorrow's blog will be cakes! Be ready to quench your sweet tooth after looking at all the cakes! And remember to submit some of your cake designs to have your chance at being showcased here on the blog as well as the website.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ideas from our gallery

For those of you who may not have checked out the galleries on our site- here is a sampling of some bouquets that users have created on Tell us what you think!

Pair this bouquet from user megb5018 with a yellow dress and those yellow tulips would really pop!

This bouquet from user katie8422 would be great for an elegant garden style wedding.

Add some soft draping greenery to this bouquet by user Lilivati and it would be a beautiful compliment to a soft flowy style dress.

Sweet bouquet from user Cyn Cyn that will fit right in with a pastel color scheme.

This mix of cool colors by user Sandy will look great against any cool color combo.

Gorgeous fall toned bouquet by user christina would be stunning against a navy backdrop. Using complimentary colors always gives you wow factor!

Beautiful cascade bouquet by user JSB. This would be fabulous against any color... deep purple would be so rich and elegant!

Tomorrow we will be posting centerpieces. So if you haven't already submitted any on the website hurry and get designing... you just might see your creation here on the blog as well as the website!