Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Freebie contest

We have two very lucky ladies! It seems everyone was preoccupied this weekend and didn't get a chance to get their design posted on our facebook page in time... Your loss is the gain for our two submissions because they are now the guaranteed winners! We are still going to give our lovely readers the opportunity to pick which one should be the 1st place winner (recipient of free 3 months subscription) and who should be the 2nd place winner (recipient of free 1 month subscription).

How to vote: comment on this post with the letter A or B depending on which design is your favorite. The design with the most votes wins 1st place!

Design A

Design B

You have until Friday 12/10 at noon to cast your vote!


  1. Voting for design A

  2. Wish I could see them large - but I vote for A anyway

  3. Just made the images larger, hope that helps!

  4. Definately A - so very clean and classic

  5. Love A--pure & simple--like a bride.

  6. Since all the voters have been unregistered (anonymous) users we are asking that you please re-vote using the poll at the top of the blog to ensure a fair contest. Thanks so much, sorry for the inconvenience!