Monday, January 11, 2010

All wrapped up!

Flowers take centerstage in your centerpieces. But why not compliment those flowers with something special on the vase or container?

I absolutely love the beaded "bracelets" wrapped around these vases. You are sure to find the perfect color beads to match your wedding colors!

This vase wrapped in ribbon is so cute. Ribbon is great and can be used in many ways to look cute to very elegant. Cover the whole vase, or just a band of ribbon, wrap a bow around it, swirl the ribbon many choices!

Dainty, elegant, and vintage are just a few themes you get from vases adorned with lace.

Perhaps even more options than with ribbon is to wrap vases in paper. You can choose fun prints, sheer vellums, patterned and textured papers. So many looks and styles can be achieved by adding this inexpensive flair!

Once you start thinking about accessorizing your vases the ideas just keep flowing.... leaves, rhinestones, stickers, etching, colored wire, wrapping paper and it goes on and on! Have fun with it!

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